Here is What Our Patients Have to Say!

"Dr. Beckerton is a life saver! I have dealt with scoliosis my whole life and always lived with pain. I also had a rib that was never properly aligned and required consistent Tylenol to function normally througout the day. In a single visit with Dr. Beckerton he was able to relieve the pain in my spine with an adjustment and relaxed my back muscles enough to get my rib into the proper alignment. I have never felt better! It has been 3 years since that initial visit and I am still almost entirely pain free! I no longer take any pain relievers and I attribute this incredible transformation to the quality care and personalized treatment that was provided by Dr. Beckerton. He is not only a chiropractor to me, but a miracle worker! Thank you!"

- Brianna K.

"Dr. Beckerton is very friendly and he is very good at what he does. His treatment works better than expected and he is always having some sort of conversation with us."

- Ashley S.

"We've always had a great experience with Dr. Beckerton! He's very friendly and has taken great care of my daughter and I. He explains everything he's doing or going to do and by the end of our treatments our pain level ends up at zero. We highly recommend him to anyone!"

- Lisa M.

"Love this office and Dr. Beckerton is a miracle worker. Okay no miracles here, but expert treatment that has helped me get moving better than ever. Definitely adding frequent visits to my recovery regimen!"

- Ashley J.