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Here is What Our Patients Have to Say!

"Fernandina Chiropractic is the best, hands down, from the lovely and accommodating staff to the very knowledgeable doctors on hand!"

- Brittany D.

"Dr. Beckerton listens to my concerns and has an excellent bedside manner. He is very empathetic to my issues and has been able to help me through my problems."

- Terri W.

"I've been to about 5 different chiropractors since 2011 & Dr. Beckerton is by far the best! He knows what he is doing, listens to your concerns & doesn't leave you in pain!"

- Joannie N.

"Before I came to see Dr. Beckerton I could barely lift my arms above my head. This had been going on for about 18 months. At 42 I was convinced my ailment was permanent. I’d given up on the idea of leading a normal life. After less then 2 months and a fraction of the expected cost, a miracle happened. My shoulders, neck, and upper back have 100% full function! Dr. Beckerton, aside from just being a great human, is overflowing with knowledge. Thank you so much to the entire staff!"

- Mike G.

"Super staff! Dr Tyre and crew are top notch. The billing staff went the extra mile and made the phone call to my insurance company to confirm benefits. Highly recommend these folks."

- Chere S.

"The staff is very friendly and helpful. I love using the Cryoderm gel on my knees, which was recommended by one of the staff. Dr. Tyre is very patient and easy to talk to. I feel great since getting my adjustments, come on in and give them a try."

- Angela H.

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